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St Martin De Porres

He was born in Lima Peru in 1579, out of wedlock and to parents of different races. Initially unable to join the Dominicans because of his mixed race, his examples of prayer and penance, charity and humility led to his acceptance as a Dominican brother. Often when he prayed, Martin was surrounded by a brilliant light and was able to pass through locked doors in order to help the sick or dying. Discover this extraordinary and mystical life in the EWTN original movie, Saint Martin de Porres. 1 disc / 2 hrs. (CC)

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St Martin de Porres Product Bundle



St. Martin de PorresHe was born in Lima, Peru, the illegitimate son of a Spanish knight, John de Porres, and a freed Panamanian slave named Anna. In 1594, Martin became a Dominican lay brother in Lima and served in various menial offices. Outside of the monastery he became known for his care of the poor and the sick. Martin founded an orphanage and ministered to African slaves brought to Lima. He was aided by St. Rose of Lima, who respected his penances and labors. Martin experienced many mystical gifts, including bilocation and aerial flights. When he was dying in Rosary Convent on November 3, the viceroy, the count of Chichon, knelt by his bed, seeking Martin’s blessing. Martin, who is the patron of interracial justice, was canonized by Blessed Pope John XXIII (r. 1958-1963) in 1962.

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St Martin De Porres

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